Equipo Navazos

Imported By European Cellars





Andalucia, Catalonia


  • Jerez-Xérès-Sherry
  • Jerez-Xérèz-Sherry
  • Montilla-Moriles
  • Penedés


  • Chardonnay, Palomino Fino, Pedro Ximenèz, Xarel-lo

About The Producer


Sergi Colet

Equipo Navazos selects specific butts of special finesse and complexity from some of the most prestigious bodegas in the Sherry and Montilla regions. These are bottled almost privately for a group of wine lovers. The selections made by Equipo Navazos belong without any doubt among the greatest wines of the world.

Since the summer of 2007, backed by the enthusiastic support of a small number of distributors including Eric Solomon, a small amount of these bottles are made available for the general public. The Bota de No 7 was selected as the Sibaritas "Wine of the Year" 2008 (Spain's most heralded wine publication).

"La Bota de..." means "The Cask of...", after the famous story by Edgar A. Poe "The Cask of Amontillado." Their first wine was "La Bota de Amontillado #1;" since then, every wine by Equipo Navazos (Navazos Team) is named "La Bota de" and then the type of wine is listed, followed by a number which simply signifies the order according to the time of release.

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