2010 Knoll Riesling Kellerberg Smaragd

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  • 100% Riesling


Emmerich Knoll III

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Fresh pear, fig, and lime inform the relatively lean but generously juicy Knoll 2010 Riesling Smaragd Kellerberg, which finishes with site-typical, peppery pungency and welcome levity; like other Knoll Smaragd Rieslings of its vintage weighing in at only a bit over 13% alcohol. Both Knoll Senior and I note an energy and a “precision” of flavor that one didn’t notice in the past, and which is doubtless attributable to the advancing age of the vines. “I’m a devotee of this sleeker sort of Smaragd,” remarks Knoll. - Wine Advocate

Wine Notes

"Smaragd" is a definition for the best and most valuable wines of the Wachau, it was first used for the vintage of the year 1986. These wines are required to have a minimum must weight of 18.2°KMW and alcoholic content of 12.5%. (KMW stands for "Klosterneuburger Mostwaage" and is a unit to define the amount of natural sugar in wine must.) In accordance to tradition they are fermented until the natural end of the process and then filled into bottles, and are closed with long (at least 49mm) corks which carry the vintage date. Even after 25 or more years of proper storage, these wines will still be very enjoyable. Wines of the type "Smaragd" must not be sold before the 1st of May following the year of the harvest. This category characterises an extraordinary specialty of Wachau's winegrowing area and is subject to strict quality checks. Kellerberg is the name of the vineyard.

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Emmerich Knoll

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