Domaine Marengo

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  • Muscat du Cap Corse
  • Patrimonio


  • Grenache, Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains, Vermentinu

X Organic

About The Producer


Marina and Benoît Bronzini de Caraffa

This tiny vineyard of 1.2 ha is owned by a passionate couple: Marina and Benoît Bronzini. He is a lawyer and she works in marketing and communication in the luxury industry. It's an unusual turn in their careers, but an exciting adventure they get to share together.

The property was previously called Casa Ciabrini, but when Marina and Benoît took over in July of 2007, they changed the name to Domaine Marengo. "Marengo" is a family name from Benoit's side that died out. The extraordinary stories of the lives of his family members have always stayed in his heart, so this was his way of paying homage to them. Their vines of Muscat Petit Grain enjoy an ideal climate, dry and hot in summer. They receive the best care and the utmost attention, associated with traditional methods and modern facilities.

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