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Posts Categorized Under Spain

Posted December 29th, 2015 in California, Italy, Rose, Spain, Sparkling

Cheers to a Fruitful 2016!


IPO Wines is turning 10 years old at the start of the new year and in celebration we are forecasting the top wine trends for 2016. We have also gone ahead and rounded up 10 trend worthy wines that you need to place on your wine list or shelves in the ...

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Posted January 28th, 2013 in Priorat, Sherry, Spain

La Belleza en la Botella (The Beauty in the Bottle)


The Wine Industry is thought of by many as being glamorous and romantic.  But for those of us who are actually working the streets, we know that it’s not all flowers and sunshine every day.  I’ve been working sales in the NYC market for over 8 years now, and let ...

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