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Posts From March 2016

Posted March 31st, 2016 in Burgundy, France

LeClerc: Authentic Gevrey-Chambertain



It is often said that a truly soulful wine will mimic the personality of its maker. A true tale at Domaine Rene LeClerc. The 20H estate, family owned since 1896, has been passed down through the generations with little change. Today it is Francois LeClerc who fosters classic Gevrey-Chambertain at the ...

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Posted March 21st, 2016 in Burgundy, France

Parent: Elegance with the power of Pommard


“Elegant, sensual and balanced, with the power of Pommard” -Catherine Parent

Parent’s is a story of rising above adversity, making history and ushering in a new generation of female winemakers. In a land where women were for many centuries not allowed close proximity to winemaking. Long thought that their presence would taint ...

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